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Comment away. :DDDD


May. 9th, 2008 05:43 am (UTC)
Yunho / Alex / let the poison spill from your throat
Sakurai Sho / Matt Damon / methods of distraction
Matsumoto Jun / Heechul / where do you go at night when your pants go missing?
Alena / Kanzaki Hiroto / crossdressing
Matt Damon / Self-Insert / panic in the cinema
Chinen Yuuri / Batman / trapped in the closet
T.O.P / Alena / freetime
Red Power Ranger / Seungri / snow days for work!
Ron Weasley / Mai / cheap candy and other overly romantic gestures
Kyuhyun / Ron Weasley / colour-coding your sock drawer
Eeteuk / Nick Carter / the best feeling in the world
Self-Insert / Donghae / this will not be over quickly
Justin Timberlake / Draco Malfoy / I swear
Red Power Ranger / T.O.P / if we have nothing left, let's be grateful for our dicks
Matt Damon / Alex / fingerprints on the window
Justin Timberlake / Ninomiya Kazunari / rock, paper, scissors to decide your future
Spiderman / Hankyung / do you have the time to listen to me whine?
Alena / Kamenashi Kazuya / cellphone wars
Red Power Ranger / Kamenashi Kazuya / where's the love?
Professor Snape / Alena / he will use this to learn about fractions
Donghae / Shrek / faith
Alex / Harry Potter / blue sky
Draco Malfoy / Matsumoto Jun / I need to find something ebfore I'm bored of everything
Captain Li Shang / Hankyung / good ideas shouldn't come from fortune cookies
Mai / Aiba Masaki / how to become the crazy on the bus
Kangin / Luna Lovegood / a list of things that shouldn't go in your mouth
Dr. House / Kyuhyun / I want what I can't have
Ninomiya Kazunari / Professor Snape / a missed fall into your arms
Eunhyuk / Ron Weasley / ei yo yo! listen up!
Shrek / G-Dragon / it's not supposed to be this hard