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Suju101 Quiz # 2

1. Eeteuk
2. Heechul
3. Hankyung
4. Yehsung
5. Kangin
6. Shindong
7. Sungmin
8. Hyukjae
9. Shiwon
10. Donghae
11. Ryeowook
12. Kibum
13. Kyuhyun

a. _____ played a major role in a Chinese movie in 2006, very religious.
b. _____ sang 'A Whole New World' from Disney's Aladdin on TV twice.
c. _____ has a chronic back illness.
d. _____ got into SM Entertainment when his parents sent an audio tape of him singing.
e. _____ joined Suju a few days before their debut in November 2005 as a replacement for former SM trainee Kang Junyoung.
f. _____ has a pet Maltese dog named Bada, based on his own real name.
g. _____ is said to have bad body odor.
h. _____ hosted BoA's fanmeeting in 2005 a few months before Super Junior debuted and was part of the trainee group Four Seasons with DBSK's Jaejoong and Yunho and Heechul.
i. _____ is good friends with DBSK's Micky Yoochun and TRAX's Jungmo (X-Mas).
j. _____ lived in the States for several years.
k. _____ celebrates his birthday on January 1.
l. _____'s stage name made up of his surname and the first syllable of his birth name and is Younha's favorite Super Junior member.
m. _____ is good at cooking Beijing fried rice and ballet.
n. _____ deletes pictures posted by his fans on his Cyworld when the pictures are not of him.

Answers: (Copy-paste to your favorite text editor to read)

a. Shiwon
b. Kyuhyun
c. Eeteuk
d. Yehsung
e. Ryeowook
f. Donghae
g. Hyukjae
h. Kangin
i. Ifjgalk
j. Kibum
k. Sungmin
l. Shindong
m. Hankyujng
n. Heechul


Sep. 23rd, 2008 06:55 am (UTC)
LOL at Heechul. XD